2021 – New Year, New Start, New Name

In common with similar organisations we were not able to welcome visitors during 2020 because of the Covid restrictions, but that does not mean that we were inactive. As described below, the important anniversary of the last time that the Henry Ramey Upcher lifeboat put to sea was commemorated as best we could in August and there was plenty going on behind the scenes by way of repairs, redecorations and reordering as will be seen now that visitors are again able to come inside.

An important decision was also reached. The name “Fishermen’s Heritage Centre” which has been used since the new expanded facility was opened in 2006 does not accurately reflect what we do. The name was chosen for historical reasons which are no longer relevant. It is essentially a lifeboat museum and before 2006 when extra exhibition space became available, was called the Henry Ramey Upcher Lifeboat Museum. It describes the “Fishermen’s Lifeboats” (i.e. those provided through the generosity of the Upcher family of Sheringham Hall and not coming under the control of the RNLI). It exhibits the last of these, the Henry Ramey Upcher, and provides information about the Upcher family and the fishermen who made up the crew. Consequently, from the beginning of 2021, the Fishermen’s Heritage Centre changed its name to the FISHERMEN’S LIFEBOAT MUSEUM.

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