The Emery Family and the Boat

The Henry Ramey Upcher Lifeboat, the main exhibit in the Fishermen’s Lifeboat Museum (FLM), was constructed in 1894 by Lewis “Buffalo” Emery, part of probably the most prominent of the boatbuilding families in Sheringham in the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. We are fortunate to have many members of this family still living in Sheringham with some of them heavily involved in the activities of the Sheringham Society. Our treasurer until the 2022 AGM was Barbara Emery; she also regularly acts as steward in the FLM. Mike Emery and his late wife (another Barbara) also acted as stewards. The photograph shows Mike (right) recreating a pose alongside the lifeboat adopted by Reginald Emery of a previous generation in a 1950s photograph. Accompanying him is Malcolm Emery, known professionally as Raz the Clown. We understand that a book on the boatbuilding family is due to be published and the photograph was required for this.

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