Urgent Appeal to North Norfolk Residents

As we look forward through 2022 after all the disruption caused by the pandemic, our society is in a perilous state. We have reached the point where, after conscientiously continuing in post for much longer than they originally intended, our Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer are determined that they really must retire at our forthcoming AGM in April. For the society to continue functioning after that date we must have replacements prepared to take their places by then. Our current chairman and treasurer will still be on hand to provide guidance to their successors.

Our society has existed for more than 40 years and a quick tour of this website will show those unfamiliar with our achievements that we have made a very significant contribution to the life of Sheringham during this period. In particular the Fishermen’s Lifeboat Museum and Peter Coke Shell Gallery which we run welcome thousands of visitors each year, making a considerable addition to what the town can offer visitors as well as local residents. We also carry out the usual functions of a civic society concerning planning and architecture, publish information about the town’s history, run an annual art exhibition and organise other events for members and friends.

If you feel able to contribute to the running of the society by becoming a member of our management committee, please, please speak to our outgoing chairman, Peter Strudwick, on Sheringham 823657 without delay.

We also need to strengthen our team of stewards who welcome visitors to the lifeboat museum and the shell gallery. Here are some quotes from volunteer Karen Sims taken from the recent newsletter. “I love sharing my passion for shells with the adults and children who visit. It’s also fun playing shopkeeper! My two-hour shifts on a Saturday really brighten up my weeks and give me something pleasurable to really focus on. I absolutely love it!” Again, please speak to Peter as above, if you can help us.

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