Coronation Big Help Out

If you live in or close to Sheringham and were moved by the appeal to consider volunteering, we can suggest a couple of possibilities. Acting as a steward to welcome visitors to the Fishermen’s Lifeboat Museum or the Peter Coke Shell Gallery offers the chance to meet some interesting people. We aim to open both daily between 11 am and 3 pm and each slot is two hours long. If you think this might appeal and you would like a bit more information, please make contact through our Secretary in the first instance (see Contact Us, above) and Sharon, who organises the steward’s rota, will answer any questions and show you what is involved. Even an occasional slot would be a great help and if after making enquiries you think it’s not really for you, we promise not to put you under any pressure.

The Big Help Out was prompted largely because, after the disruption caused by Covid, many charities including ourselves found that some of our pre-pandemic volunteers did not resume volunteering, for a number of different reasons, so we are not currently able to open for as many hours each week as we would like.

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