Most visitors arriving in Sheringham whether by public transport (train or bus) or by car find themselves near the junction of the A1082 (Holway Road) with the A149 coast road where the main car park is situated. From here make your way on foot along the main shopping street (Station Road) towards the sea. At the Town Clock continue in this direction towards the end of High Street. Here turn left along the promenade when you will soon find the bridge over the Fishermen’s Slope, with The Fishermen’s Lifeboat Museum at the top of this slope. The Peter Coke Shell Gallery is to the right of the lifeboat museum with its entrance in West Cliff. Walk round to the right of the museum to reach it.

Alternatively, West Cliff can be reached by taking the pedestrian access on the left in High Street just before the amusement arcade. For the less mobile, there is a car park (smaller than the main car park) in Morris Street, closer to the museum and gallery (see map below). On-road parking any closer than this to our site is very restricted.

Other ways of finding us:

Postal address and postcode: West Cliff, Sheringham, NR26 8JT


Co-ordinates: 52o 56′ 43.1″N, 1o 12′ 40.2″ E, alternatively 52.945299o N, 1.211172o E

What3Words: ///remain.fishnet.defers


Co-ordinates: 52o 56′ 42.5″N, 1o 12′ 39.9″ E or 52.945130o N, 1.211069o E

What3Words: ///departure.assess.widget

Instagram: @petercokeshellgallery

The map above, as is conventional, has North at the top.

A small part of a diagrammatic street map of Sheringham which may help you to find where we are situated is shown below. This is looking at Sheringham from the sea (i.e. with South at the top) to where Station Road, on the left, and Church Street converge at the Town Clock. Augusta Street leading to the Morris Street car park, joins Church Street. At the bottom is the beach and the bridge over the Fishermen’s Slope with our buildings at the top of the slope. The map is illustrative and is not meant to give a totally accurate representation of the built environment. Copies of the complete map, the work of Sheringham-born artist Mick Bensley and measuring approximately 800 by 600 mm, of which what is shown below is just a part, are available to purchase at £1.00 (see Sales).