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If you are interested in the past, present and future of Sheringham and its neighbouring parishes we warmly invite you to join us now.  Our aim is to preserve the best features of the town and surrounding area from developments which might destroy their character. We are not anti-progress but are concerned that necessary development should be sensitive and appropriate. We also exist to record the past and publicise our area to the wider world.

As a volunteer body we:

Monitor and comment upon local planning applications; Run a long-established art exhibition; Arrange local events and excursions and Manage two visitor attractions –

The Fishermen’s Lifeboat Museum & The Peter Coke Shell Gallery

We work closely with the Sheringham Museum Trust, which runs The Mo (Sheringham Museum). The Mo contains extensive displays on the history of Sheringham as a fishing village and later, especially during the Edwardian period, as a fashionable resort. It also contains many of the town’s former RNLI lifeboats. Since being established in 1979 as the Sheringham and District Preservation Society (Registered Charity No. 280951) we have been involved in (and contributed £150,000 towards) a wide variety of local projects which have conserved the local environment and made life more pleasant for residents and visitors. We are affiliated to the Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England, the Association of Historic Towns and Villages and other similar bodies. Further details of our activities are given elsewhere on this site.

If you are in agreement with our aims we welcome your support and active involvement. Please complete the membership form and either send to the address given or hand it to a committee member at a society event. We are especially keen to recruit active members who engage in our activities, but if you cannot manage this degree of involvement we welcome your membership because the more members we have the more we are likely to be listened to.

Because of the disruption caused by the Covid emergency, we waived subscription payments for 2020 and 2021. Some members may have paid for these years, either by standing order or because they made a payment early in 2020 before Covid restrictions came in and can reclaim these payments if they wish. Because of these “two lost years” our membership records may no longer be up to date. We therefore request that all members complete a membership form for 2022.

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