Opening Times

The Fishermen’s Lifeboat Museum (FLM) and the Peter Coke Shell Gallery (PCSG) reopened on Saturday 9th April for the 2022 summer season. Opening hours are somewhat more restricted at present than before the pandemic but progress is being made in recruiting volunteer stewards.

Opening hours over the next few days are projected as (but cannot be absolutely guaranteed):

Monday 8th August12 – 4 pm12 – 2 pm
Tuesday 9th August12 – 4 pm12 – 4 pm
Wednesday 10th August 2 – 4 pm 2 – 4 pm
Thursday 11th AugustCLOSED12 – 2 pm
Friday 12th August 2 – 4 pmCLOSED
Saturday 13th AugustCLOSED10 – 2 pm
Sunday 14th August 2 – 4 pm12 – 4 pm

Entry to both is free, but please leave a donation to help us cover our operating costs.

Unless further Covid measures are introduced it is planned that the Fishermen’s Lifeboat Museum and Peter Coke Shell Gallery will be open on most days until the end of September, but with restricted hours until more volunteers are recruited.